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A cozy patio garden in Seattle

Veggie and annual border

Veggie and annual cut flower border


Tonus-Ellis2Tonus-Ellis3A blank space from which to start

Before construction and planting


A patio garden that provides food as well as relaxation.


This couple wanted their sunny front yard to be more welcoming and functional than the existing lawn provided (bottom photo). So out with the boring lawn and in with a patio and planting space for veggies and cut flowers!  We started by creating a master plan that identifies key elements as well as all the details.  Once the plan was completed we established priorities and they went to work.


On a strict budget, the homeowners are installing the garden themselves.


The first year’s allowance was designated for the garden’s structure:  the paver patio and trellis addition to the pre-existing fence.  To save money on plants the first season, she cleverly populated the beds with vegetables from starts and annual flowers from seed.  A beautiful way to bring the space alive without a lot of expense!  They plan to purchase permanent plantings incrementally according to plan and will continue filling in the empty areas with annual flowers and vegetables as needed.


Can you imagine relaxing among the towering sunflowers as you welcome guests through the stand of zinnias?  I can!  Even the owners’ cat loves hanging out with an eye toward the natural activity all a buzz.  This patio garden is a great example of bringing beauty and function to a small space while working on a budget.  The first step is to develop a plan!

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