Beauty: Textures, color, foliage

When we think of gardens, often the first thing we think of is beauty.  Beautiful flowers, textures and foliage woven together to form a beautiful tapestry.  They say beauty is in the eye of beholder, our designs are personalized to include what’s beautiful to each client’s eye.

We add texture and color by weaving various elements such as metal, stone, water and wood.  We weave a variety of leaf shapes and sizes, plant shapes and sizes and colors.  Grasses and conifers add winter interest and structure to the tapestry.


Movement is provided by the soothing gentle wave of grasses in the breeze.  Their twinkling in the sunlight allows the mind to change focus – for just a moment.

Our designs incorporate pockets of fragrance that capture and hold your attention when you least expect it…even during the winter months.


Through the garden trellis

We bring sound into the garden with trickling water and crackling fire.  We invite bees and birds to serenade us with their song.

Crackle of fire

Edibles can be incorporated into designated veggie planters or planted directly into the garden.  Incorporating fruit trees, blueberries, and huckleberries allow for convenient harvesting and munching by kids young and old.