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Grass to Garden

We can talk all we want about thoughtful garden design, but the proof is in the results! That’s why we like to revisit projects from time to time and show you how we help our clients create outdoor spaces they love.


A pair of do-it-yourselfers in Seattle sought a more functional front yard—and potentially one that didn’t require so much mowing and care. The solution? Replace the lawn with a patio surrounded by planter beds!


The homeowners began by removing the lawn, leveling the yard and building the patio (like we said, they really do take the DIY approach whenever possible). We added a fence and trellis to the design to provide a bit of privacy.


This client’s budget for the first year was designated for the garden’s hardscape and structure, so rather than bringing in mature plants, the beds were planted with vegetables from starts and flowers from seed. This served as a great way to bring the space alive without great expense.