Right After Planting

So you have a landscape design and are waiting for the contractor or gardener to implement the plan. What will it look like once the plants are in? Will they be full and lush, or will they be small and spaced out?

At first, it’s going to trend more toward the latter—but that’s a good thing, and it’s more cost-effective, too. Here’s why.

We create plans that feature plantings at a 10-year size. While this might make the plan look a little more exciting than reality at first, we do this to strike a balance between immediate impact and the needs of the plant. Our plans build in the time and space your plants need to grow!

By spacing the plants for growth and expansion, we will set your garden up for low maintenance. The plants will fill in quickly (1-2 years) with regular water and sunlight. If we add more plants at the start, your garden has the potential to become overgrown within the next few years. We don’t want that, and you don’t, either.

After 2 Years

Cost and availability also are factors. While you can sometimes find mature plants to install, they are exponentially more expensive, because you’re essentially paying for the time and effort the nursery spent raising them. And even if you want mature plants, you can’t always get them—because most of these plants grow quickly anyway, the market for mature ones is quite small. Large trees are somewhat of an exception; you can find them more easily, but they are even more costly.

Our goal is to set you up with a landscape that will bring you joy, both immediately and in the long term. With plants that grow and change, that takes some finessing. We think it’s a process you’ll appreciate, though. And the results are definitely worth the wait.

Please see the photos below for an example of how this garden looked right after planting (first photo) and after two years (second photo). At first, there’s clearly some room to fill in—still, everything looks attractive and clean. Then, once the plants have grown, wow! But just as important as the beautiful look is the fact that everything is manageable. That’s what we strive for in our landscape design.