A Welcoming Home-Based Business

Yoga studio entrance garden

We expanded on those goals by creating a path that is more than a mere entryway: It sparks wonder and mystery, taking guests on a journey as they prepare for their upcoming experience. The bench invites one to rest, breathe deeply and admire the view, while the bamboo screening provides a sense of separation from the outside world.

We utilized a wide variety of sustainability practices for this project. Pre-existing garden elements, including concrete pavers, gravel and plants, were repurposed in the new garden. Pathways and beds were installed over the overturned lawn, eliminating the need to haul off organic material. Retaining blocks were relocated to the back yard for future use. And as a renewable resource, bamboo was an easy choice for the screening.


In the end, a once-pedestrian experience has become a peaceful garden stroll, surrounded by plantings and a flow of positive energy.