Solutions for a Small (and Soggy) Yard

Small garden design after

Initially, this yard had a few cedar trees, a small patio and a soggy lawn. It also had a slope with lots of horsetail. The family wanted to eliminate this invasive plant without using chemicals, and they wanted to make sure it didn’t come back. First, we had the horsetail and the cedars removed mechanically (the trees were eventually going to grow too large for the space).

Then we created a beautiful, low-maintenance environment for the family—and an unfriendly environment for horsetail—with the liberal use of native and regionally adapted plants.


We also designed an enlarged patio for entertaining, complete with a relaxing hot tub, and an extensive system was installed to help the area drain more effectively after rains. Now the family spends more time enjoying their surroundings, less time working in the yard and zero time worrying about horsetail!