Purrrr-fect Privacy

We can talk all we want about thoughtful garden design, but the proof is in the results! That’s why we like to revisit projects from time to time and show you how we help our clients create outdoor spaces they love.

This Seattle homeowner had a small, nearly unusable back yard, but wanted to find a way to create a low-maintenance, private area for relaxation. First, we cleared the space and added a 6-foot privacy fence to replace the overgrown trees, which were blocking the light and creating an uninviting feel. (We also designed an extra-wide fence top to accommodate the family kitty, giving her a new favorite perch for keeping watch over the neighborhood!)


The yard was then regraded into two useable levels—the upper level is for seating, and the lower level features a hot tub. Perimeter plantings provide year-round interest while requiring very little maintenance.

After construction

Before construction