The catalogue that keeps on giving

It’s always a great day when the Territorial Seed Company catalogue arrives, usually in late December or early January. But it’s more than just a great day, really—even months later, every time I flip through the pages, I find inspiration that will last throughout the year. (Even if I never order anything!)

Yes, I know it’s just a catalogue. But here’s what it does for me, every single year:

  • It gives me a renewed sense of hope, and thoughts of the promise of new life.
  • It conjures memories of watching little seedlings poke their heads up out of the soil, shaking the crust of compost off as they awaken.
  • It brings to mind the joy of the harvest—that first luscious tomato, the first zucchini, and the bounty that is sure to follow.


Think that all sounds a little crazy? Try it for yourself! You can request your own catalogue right here.


I should note that I don’t get any kind of benefit from Territorial Seed for talking about their company or their catalogue. I’m just an appreciative fan (if you haven’t figured that out already).