Meet Lucinda

About Lucinda O’Halloran

My love for gardening just might be genetic—my maternal grandfather had an organic farm, and my father had a beautiful garden of his own. And because spending time in the garden meant I got to hang out with my dad, as a little girl I helped with everything from planting to building ponds to painting fences.


Once I had my own yard, I drove the neighbors crazy with my planting and tending! I designed gardens for my family and friends. And while standing in my back yard in St. Paul, Minnesota, I dreamed about doing this professionally.

That was almost four decades ago, and it was the beginning of a journey that had many turns: I moved from the Midwest to the South to the Northwest, went from working in HR to earning a degree in landscape design, and eventually transformed myself from someone who just loved gardening into a business owner who made it her life’s work.

Today, my passion for gardening is stronger than ever. I even became a certified horticulturist through the Washington State Nursery and Landscape Association so I could share my knowledge through coaching.

I love being involved in the community, too: I’ve served on the boards for Seattle Tilth and the Seattle Japanese Garden, and I support various nonprofits in the Seattle area. When I’m not in the garden, I enjoy visiting museums and galleries, cooking and baking with my niece, and reading.

And while I’m no longer designing beautiful outdoor living spaces, as a coach I’m still showing people how to care for their gardens. I feel it’s what I was born to do.

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