Bulbs! Bulbs! Bulbs!

Bulbs! Bulbs! Bulbs!  Ever wonder what to do with those daffodil, tulip, crocus and hyacinth bulbs once they’ve finished putting on their spring show?  Just let them be.  Let them wither, turn brown and just lay there.  To us it may look like they’re not doing anything but the leaves are busy soaking up nutrients from the sun and storing them for next Spring’s flower show.

Some folks like to tie the leaves into a loose knot for a tidier look but it’s not necessary.  You can also plant them near deciduous shrubs or perennials that will cover up the leaves as they (the shrubs and perennials) leaf out.  When the bulb leaves are completely brown, that is the time to cut them back at the soil level.

So if you’ve ever wondered why your bulbs haven’t bloomed, perhaps you cut them back too soon the previous Spring.  Or, maybe it was your friendly neighborhood squirrels playing tricks and relocating them to their favorite location!  In any event, it’s a great excuse to plant new bulbs come Fall.  Check out the species tulips.  They are very sweet.